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Innovate: Gaming & Esports Encyclopedia (Print Edition Pre-Order)

Prefer to hold a product in your hands versus a digital download? We got you, fam. This is the print version of the Innovate: Gaming & Esports Encyclopedia. 

TL:DR This book is for anyone (gamers, parents, teachers, etc.) who wants to learn about the innovative companies and career opportunities in the $174B video game industry. 

If you (or your kids) want to start/change careers, this book will introduce a variety of companies in the gaming/esports industry where your experience could be relevant. Educators can use this resource to evolve their education strategy for the 21st century and introduce their students to emerging, passion-aligned career paths that didn't exist 10 years ago. 

Pre-order the print version of the book and explore the diverse collection of 100+ stories and insights from thought leaders and innovative companies throughout North America's gaming/esports ecosystem.

For every physical copy sold, a digital copy is donated to an underrepresented student. 20% of the net profits will be used to provide refurbished laptops and internet access for digitally impoverished students.