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About MetArena

Right now, there are more than 3 billion active gamers in the world.

That’s a lot of people engaging with an activity! It’s no secret that video games and esports are galvanizing the technology industry. However, the opportunities within gaming and esports are still a mystery to many, and some of those people fall within the 3 billion active gamers.

Just because a person plays video games, doesn’t immediately make them knowledgeable about the personal development, career development, and social opportunities this medium offers.

This goes far beyond winning millions of dollars in esports competitions. This is about students being able to establish careers, make meaningful connections, and pioneer in a rapidly growing and ever evolving field.

When marginalized, underrepresented, or underfunded communities don't have access to the tech, they can’t fully engage with or understand the opportunities within the industry. For them, for many, esports is an opportunity lost. We’re here to fix that.

Enter MetArena. (That's us.) 

We are the bridge between where esports is and where it could be to evolve educational and social experiences for students.  

We're a platform made by gamers for people who love games and the organizations who want to know how to grow a transformational esports program. We unite communities and provide organizations with a manageable and affordable way to introduce their population to esports. We handpick amazing video games from around the world, to provide schools and other brands with a diverse catalog to choose from -- not the same twelve titles you see on repeat. That way, there's something that appeals to everyone.

However, MetArena isn't only about fun and games. Our platform pairs education with entertainment to further democratize the gaming industry. We bring the educational, cultural, and personal development opportunities found with esports and gaming to the communities who need them most.

Equal opportunity can't exist without leveling the playing field.

When you're ready to rethink esports, reach out to MetArena.