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November 10, 2020

Indie developer platform ProjectMQ rebrands to MetArena to support the growth of education and opportunity in esports

The team at ProjectMQ, an award-winning discovery platform for independent developers and their fans, today announced a company rebrand to MetArena, a digital platform pairing education with esports to democratize the gaming industry. In partnership with MIDiA Research, schools and organizations can access the MetArena platform to advance or build esports operations for their communities, while accessing MIDiA’s best-in-class research and projections about the future of the gaming industry. 

As more people witness the growth of esports, it is important to facilitate understanding and accessibility across all communities. MetArena helps organizations design and implement curriculum innovation around esports, and leverages a catalog of competitive-ready indie games to engage a wider audience.

“Playing video games at a young age inspired my love for technology, which has grown into a fulfilling STEAM career,” said Marcus Howard, CEO of MetArena. “I’m excited to create that same opportunity for the next generation of innovators, especially those that are typically underrepresented. ProjectMQ’s evolution into MetArena allows my amazing team to champion STEAM education, while supporting small businesses around the world.” 

To further education and exposure, MetArena is developing online courses on how the gaming industry is uniquely positioned for growth opportunities in blockchain and cryptocurrency, in addition to exploring the 110+ lucrative career opportunities that exist within the industry. 

Schools that work with MetArena on campus and curriculum innovation will be granted educational access to portions of the MIDiA platform for 12 months. Through MetArena’s exclusive partnership with MiDIA Research, schools will get this tremendous value at no additional cost to them or their students. The University of Kentucky will be the first school to benefit from this partnership. 

“We believe that some of the most significant problems in the world stem from the lack and unequal distribution of education and information,” said Karol Severin,co-founder and lead games analyst. “To address this and democratize access to cutting-edge insight in media and entertainment, MIDiA has been providing universities and their students with access to parts of our research platform at a special rate. This enables students to work with a resource typically only available to a handful of companies, thus increasing their chances of success in early stages of their careers.”